Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Update

I clearly haven't been posting here lately.

I've been substitute teaching (or subbing as a para) almost every day. It's (mostly) enjoyable. It also makes for long days. I get home usually just in time to pick up the boys from school. That leaves time to figure out something to make for supper. Then there's often something going on each night--either I have a meeting, or my wife has something, or we all have something going on. Plus there's plenty of things around the house to do since I'm not here to take care of them during the day. (I so miss being able to hang clothes on the clothes line--even in the winter.)

The days are much longer. But I am grateful I don't have to work every day. If one of the boys is sick, I can stay home (fairly) easily. I don't have to worry about early out days at school. I can take a day off if I just need to get something else done.

So even though some days are tough--there are some classes I really wouldn't go back to if I can help it--I'm grateful that since I have to work, it something that still allows me to have some flexibility. I'm especially grateful that we're able to keep to our family's commitments and desires--that the boys don't have to do after school programs and that I can be there when they're sick. And I should still be able to have the summer with them.