Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Tough Part

One of the tough parts of this job for me is being the dietitian/menu planner/short order cook. I like cooking and baking. It just gets hard to do it everyday and try and come up with things the kids will eat (without eating chicken nuggets every day of the week), and then another meal that will appease us adults as well as the kids.

A day like today was difficult. I'm watching my 7-month old niece who needs to eat at the same time that I've got quesadillas going on the stove. So, those get on hold while give her a bottle.

Some days I feel like I spend most of the time figuring out what we'll eat for 3 meals and then making it. And then determining if I can make what I'm planning on with what we've got in stock.

I probably should do one of those meal plans that my wife is a proponent of--I guess the though of it makes me feel tied down (even though I know it would give me some freedom). I guess I just have to get desperate enough to get to that point. Maybe that'll come this fall when I have to work around our oldest son being in Kindergarten in the mornings.

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