Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My niece has started crawling recently. I'm still watching her 1-2 days a week (with potential for more coming). It changes things. We've baby-proofed before, of course, but we haven't done our apartment terribly well since we've been here. Our youngest was starting to be old enough to leave some things alone. We still have latches on most of the drawers, but we haven't been as careful about what we put on shelves and such. I found out she can unlatch the cover for the rolling file cabinet we have. I also have to make sure the boys put away their toys more often as they tend to play with things with smaller pieces now.
Since she's crawling, she doesn't lay down as well for naps, either. She tends to roll around and get up a bit. On at least three ocasions, she's fallen asleep like in the picture: hunched over her "Ellie" (stuffed elephant) while in a sitting position. It makes me laugh. Diaper changes are also interesting as she's constantly trying to roll over during them. Poopy diapers quickly become a nightmare if she's not restrained a bit. She's definitely keeping me on my toes!

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