Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Keeping Cool

We checked out a splash pad/wading pool in Cleveland Park near our house tonight. It was a hot, humid day. We decided to cool off a little after supper.

It was a nice pool: zero entry, a good eighteen inches deep (maybe close to two feet--the side was marked as a foot, but it was much deeper than that). It didn't have as many water features as the splash pad in St. Louis Park, but that one wasn't with a pool--the water just drained. Anders loved swimming under the "mushroom."

The downside was that some kid dropped a glass bottle in the pool. And a few adults weren't following the no tobacco in the park signs. But they were also helpful in picking up the broken glass. And you'll get things like that in any park.

It was a fun discovery. And the playground seemed pretty decent, too.

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