Monday, October 18, 2010

The Orchestra

Our names had gotten drawn this fall for tickets to Target's Free Family Concerts with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. So this past Saturday the boys and I picked up a friend from church (Beth had to work) and we headed to downtown St. Paul to the Ordway. Nils put on his new favorite clip-on tie (49 cents at a thrift shop) and even Anders' got dressed up (albeit with his usual reluctance).

The concert was The Four Seasons Unleashed. It involved a radio host interviewing Antonio Vivaldi and Astor Piazzolla, an Argentinian composer to wrote his own version of the Four Seasons more than 200 hundred years later. It compared how each composer interpreted the seasons from their geographic perspectives and showed how Piazzolla was inspired by Vivaldi whilst infusing his music with South American flavor.

The orchestra did a good job of making it a family friendly event. It helps that there wasn't the expectation of anyone in the building for the kids to sit quietly the whole time. There were plenty of wiggles and giggles (and other noises), but the kids also weren't bored with it. There is something about classical music...I'm glad my kids got the opportunity to experience it live.

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