Monday, November 15, 2010

Pirates, Pajamas and Pancakes

This last Saturday we celebrated Nils' birthday with his friends. Of course, it was also the first big snowfall of the season, so everyone had to contend with driving through inches of snow to get here.

Borrowing the breakfast idea from another friend's birthday party, we chose to do a Pajama & Pirate Pancake Party. It partly stemmed from someone giving us a pirate ship cake mold and the boys receiving a pirate costume hand-me-down from their cousin. The morning idea was fun, though. Kids came in pajamas or pirate costumes (or a mix). We started with pancakes (and all the fixin's), bacon, fruit and juice. We read a pirate story, played some pirate games (Pin the Parrot on the Pirate and Hook the Pretzels) and opened presents. The "cake" was actually banana bread (though is just as rich as cake) that my wife made with cream cheese frosting "waves" on the side.

It was a simple birthday party--as we try to keep them. I stressed too much about "programming" everything and worrying about the amount of people and everything. Kids just like to eat, play and have fun together.
And afterward, of course, Nils had to check out the snow. We got around 9 inches (the week before had been in the 60s). Winter is here, and I've got a four-year old who is ready to play in the snow and on the ice.

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