Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I wish that going on a bike ride with my boys was a viable form of exercise. I know it will be some day. Right now, I spend more time coasting and pedaling. And when I have a chance to pedal, I usually have to get off my bike and push a child up a hill. So, to get exercise while biking, I have to go by myself. Which isn't a possibility too often. I used to be able to do some with the kids in the bike trailer. But they're getting too big for that (which does make it a good workout); they also want to be able to bike on their own.

The main way I can exercise with the children around is to push a stroller (still possible on days when I watch my niece--I put her and Nils in it and go for a long walk) or to talk the boys into playing some active soccer (which has been hard to do lately--mainly because the get taken away from me by friends in the park).

So, without the funds for a gym membership, I do what I can and try and make the most of the opportunities I have. But someday, a bike ride with the boys will be exercise. I just hope they still want to bike with me then.

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