Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Yesterday Anders had the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping (it was supposed to be last Saturday but postponed due to the blizzard we had). Plymouth Christian Youth Center gave the chance for grade school children to buy five Christmas presents for a buck. When we signed up to do it, we were given a "ticket" on which Anders was supposed to choose the people he wanted to give the presents to (writing down ages and gender for helping find the right gifts). In addition to his immediate family, Anders wanted to get gifts for his two cousins that are closest in age to him from my family.

They had an adult help who assisted in finding the presents that would be appropriate for each person. While he shopped, Nils and I sat in the waiting area with all the other parents (it seemed like hundreds of kids would be going through before the night was over. A local jazz/gospel band played for us (which Nils thoroughly enjoyed). When Anders came back out, the volunteer helping him said he did a good job--she was impressed with the thought he put into each gift. That was good to hear.

So thank you to PCYC (and all the donors of the gifts) for giving Anders the opportunity to do some "shopping." It helped reinforce the message we've been sharing that we can find joy in giving to others rather than focusing on what we want to get for ourselves.

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