Monday, December 20, 2010

A Snowy Day

We had snow again today. One of our smaller snowfalls of the season--only 4 or 5 inches. We've had around 30 inches of snow this month alone. It's going to be a fun winter.

Sometimes it's hard to get my boys to do anything. We tried to get them outside today during the snow. Most kids seem willing to play outside. It was a struggle to get them out. We eventually forced them into their snow pants and out the door. I grabbed their little shovels and they helped me shovel off the front steps and some of the sidewalk. They were actually really good helpers. And they ended up enjoying it. I just wish it wasn't always a bit fight to get them out.

We also took a plate of cookies we made to some of our neighbors tonight. Anders wanted to leave them on their doorstep and run away, making it an anonymous gift like St. Nicholas. We ended up just hand-delivering them (since our names were on them any way, they weren't going to be that anonymous). We've got a new neighbor who wasn't home tonight (I've met her once, but the rest of the family hasn't, nor have we met her kids). Not all of our neighbors speak much English, but a plate of desserts translates into any language, I believe.

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