Friday, March 18, 2011

The End of Cabin Fever

Just last week my niece and I were out side playing. She sat at the picnic table and wanted to have a picnic. So I started making her food requests out of snow. She had a hot dog, potato chips, a peach, lemonade (with a snow straw) and a slice of birthday cake (which we had to put a candle in).

Most of that snow is now gone (hurray!). Yesterday when I took Anders to school we stopped to watch a couple lines of geese flying overhead. Then Nils and I took our first bike ride of the year. It was around 50. I was getting overheated in my spring jacket. The kids and I walked over to the park earlier this week. The ground was still covered with snow, but it was nice enough to be playing on the playground equipment.

Today while at the library's story time, we saw a few robins in a tree outside the window. I daresay Spring is just about here. We may get another snowfall--it's not unusual in Minnesota--but the hope is that it's not going to last. It's time to get outside, get some fresh air and play!

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