Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Snow Play

At our old apartment we lived next door to a park that had a fairly decent hill in it. Last winter it was not unusual for us to go sledding several times a week. I've only been four times this whole winter. The boys have only gone a few times more. Part of it is our new geographic location--other than a small run in front of Anders' school, there aren't hills in close proximity to us. We have to drive to get to them. And part of it is that this winter hasn't been as hospitable for playing outside.

Nils and his cousin Riley wanted to go outside with me today when I was shoveling the sidewalks. The piles of snow along road between the sidewalk (especially on the corner of our driveway) are Nils' favorite place to play. He loves to grab his little shovel and sled on it. We've needed more of these opportunities this winter. We haven't gotten to to get out of the house of much--and getting out has been much needed. Hopefully playing in the park is soon here, along with walks and bike rides. Patiently awaiting Spring...

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