Friday, May 13, 2011

I've Missed You, Honey

Confession: I couldn't be a single parent. I don't know how those of you who are do it all the time.

My wife just landed at the airport. Friends are picking her up (the boys are in bed). She's been gone since Sunday. It's been a long week. I think mainly because I still had three days of watching my niece and nephew (ages 2 1/2 and almost 1). And I didn't sleep as well--between the 80+ degree day that didn't cool off and same animal scurrying around on the attic beams and just not having her next to me I suppose.

The house isn't as put together as I'd like. Yesterday we had a Kindergarten assessment for Nils, a dentist appointment for Anders and T-ball practice for Nils (plus getting groceries and other errands). Tomorrow we're meeting with a couple whose wedding I'll be doing next month--and I'm not yet fully prepared for that.

And so I'm thankful she'll be home soon. I've missed her. And I've missed "us"--as in what we're able to do together that is so much harder on my own.

I also think that we stay-at-home dads get overlooked when we're on my own. I know when I'm gone my wife often gets invited to other's. And when other women are gone (whose husbands aren't normally with the kids), they often get help extended to them. Not that I'm jealous or blaming anyone for not inviting me over. I could have made some calls if I needed. I say it more to remind myself to offer help to those who need it. There are a lot of single parents are trying to cope on their own every day. So kudos to you who are doing it. And let's remember the importance of community when parenting. We need each other.


  1. So wish I lived close enough to be part of your community! So thankful I was part of your community in Iowa and that that bond endures!

  2. Thank you for being so very good at what you do. So good that when I go away, although I miss you and the boys very much, I do not carry a single ounce of worry with me because I know that you are loving them and parenting them well. Don't worry about the house, it'll get cleaned up someday. :)