Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: Lego Kids Fest

After several hours of Lego-filled frivolity, the boys are in bed. They were worn out after an evening at the Lego Kids Fest (so am I). We had a lot of fun. It was, after all, around four acres of Lego activities. We didn't even get to everything in the four hours we were there. I know very few kids who don't like playing with Legos. If you're near Minneapolis check it out this weekend (I recommend buying tickets online).

The boys and one of the many incredible Lego models

Playing a game together
Testing out their race cars

My recommendations if you go are to sign up for the Master Builder Academy as soon as you arrive. There were limited spots for this and we didn't realize you had to sign up for it, so we didn't get a chance to sit in on a session taught by a master builder. There are two mystery murals to participate in adding a piece to; by the end of the evening all the pieces had been done, so you may want to plan on doing one of them near the beginning of the time. If you're there right when the doors open, head to the Lego Universe display if you're interested in trying out their online game. There was consistently a long line for this after the first half-hour.

My kids enjoyed the Activity Area. Different games were being played throughout the evening. Prizes were usually given to the winning individual or team. There were plenty of different areas to just stop and build. Some were "monochromatic build" sites where you got to see how creative you could be with just one color and size of brick. Others had all sorts of different bricks at your disposal including the Big Brick Bin--a massive pile of bricks poured out on the floor. One of my kids' favorite parts of the evening was playing a game together in the Lego Games booth. They could have sat and played games or built things the entire night, but they enjoyed taking in all the sites.

There were sites and activities for kids of all ages. Both my boys enjoyed some time in the Duplos area. Anders also had fun talking with one of the adults who was showing their creations. I enjoyed watching them have fun building (of course, I indulged in some creations myself).

Our pieces to the mural
The near-finished mystery mural

Sitting in a sea of Legos (seriously, kids were burying themselves in it)

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  1. I love the pix of them in the massive pile of legos! But most of all I love Nils' Vikings hat! Go Vikings!