Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boys' Camping Trip

Confession: I need my wife. This is not a new revelation, but I was reminded of it when I took the boys camping by myself this weekend.

My wife helps my remember the things that are needed: all our water bottles, the bug spray, snack food. I did remember my son's new inhalers. And everything else we needed. So we weren't out too much.

I haven't taken the boys camping as just a "guy's thing" before. Mostly because I do need my wife to help me remember everything. And because I enjoy the time with her as well...especially sitting around the campfire when the boys are in bed. And the boys like to have her there as well...especially since they're not around her as much. My 4 1/2 year old cried for the first 10 minutes after we drove away from home.

Still, it was good to do. We haven't gotten much camping in this summer (which seems like a theme from the several past years). It was good to have some lessons about helping (everyone's got to pitch in to have the tent up and ready for sleeping in) as well as plenty of lessons about obedience, good attitudes and having fun. Not to mention lessons about camping and nature.

We went to Baker Park upon the recommendation of friends. It's only a half hour's drive from home, so we could get back quickly if we needed to (which thankfully we didn't, but I wasn't sure because my youngest started out the day sick and we almost didn't go). It had nice bike trails, a good beach, a play area, and for those who need it, nice restroom facilities with running water (no pit toilets) and good showers.

It was a great way to spend some time in this last week before school starts (hoping to fit in a few more family trips yet this fall).

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