Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Near the End of the Summer Harvest

It wasn't a great year for our garden. Several seeds didn't germinate. Squirrels took care of a number of things that did start growing. 

Tonight there is a threat of frost, so I covered up the vegetables that are left. Mostly tomatoes and a few beans. 

The boys helped pick some of the ripe tomatoes and beans the other day. Most of our vine fruits didn't grow at all--not cucumber, zucchini, pumpkins. But we did have a few cantaloupes that had started to grow. One was eaten by squirrels. One was on the outside of our fence and somehow managed to survive squirrels and everyone who walked by it. So we picked it and are waiting for it to ripen. 

We'll have a few more tomatoes and beans yet, plus the root vegetables that are left. I know we've got a few decent carrots and some parsnips, I believe. Next year hopefully the boys are up for doing more work in the garden. It's one of those memories I have growing up that instilled a good sense of pride in accomplishing a fruitful garden as well as hard work and time with my parents. Not to mention all the good eats. 

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