Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Scheduling Free Time

A friend of mine posted this on facebook today. I may have to look into getting my hands on the book.

We try not to over-schedule our kids. They're not in a ton of sports or activities. And sometimes I regret not being able to give them music lessons or gymnastic lessons (they're inspired by Batman to learn some gymnastic moves). But I do try and plan things now and then--trips to museums or zoos, bike rides, picnics in parks, swimming at the beach, time with friends, etc.

I think we also give them a fair amount of free time--empty hours. But our oldest at least tends to spend his empty hours doing the same thing--playing with Legos or drawing. And he can do that for hours, but it doesn't always create happiness.

So I guess that's part of my pondering--will my children create their own happiness with their empty hours or do I need to help them discover how to do that? There are good thoughts here, and much to explore and discuss.

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