Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice

Trying out the Pedal Pull
Confession: I don't like that it's already the longest day of the year--Midsummers Day for those of us from Scandinavian descent.

A week and a half into being out of school...we're slowly getting the hang of summer (and me being back at home for the next few months).

A cousin of mine was married last weekend in Iowa. The boys and I drove down early to have a few days on the farm with the grandparents, visit the great-grandmothers in the nursing home, and enjoy summer opportunities (lakes and small town summer celebrations).

Visiting Great-Grandma
Last night we participated in the Celebrate Northeast Parade with our church (and other churches). I brought the boys' scooters (a good move on my part) and they did the whole length of the parade and back (to get back to our car) which was from 28th Avenue to 14th (okay, we hopped in at 26th Avenue, but we had to walk a couple blocks from our car). They did well.

We haven't been home much yet. And the few days we have I've had some appointments, and soon the boys will have appointments. So we haven't gotten too many days on our own to form any sort of schedule yet. I'm hoping for one day for bike rides, one day for visiting museums, one day for working around the house and yard, etc. And there will be days in there of watching friends' kids and playing with neighbors.

Enjoying the Lake
I know many parents dread summer. I enjoy it. Maybe it's because of all the opportunities my kids have for summer in the city that I didn't have (my opportunities tended to be farm work and swimming lessons--both of which I'm grateful for, but it was a little more limited that what we have here). I enjoy getting to take them places and explore--new libraries, new museums, new parks, new people.

I already feel like we've got a lot going on, and we're not doing any day camps or major activities. There is plenty to do. And plenty to enjoy.

Today, the most sunlight potential we'll have all year, was a bit cloudy and rainy, but it ended with a spectacular rainbow. It was well past bedtime, but when I got home from a meeting, we loaded the boys in the car for a pajama ride to try and chase it down. By the time we got to a place where we could get some good pictures, it had faded pretty well. But it was a nice ending to Midsummers Day.

Earlier sunsets from now on (which isn't bad--it'll help with the bedtime routine), but still a lot of summer to enjoy.

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