Thursday, September 17, 2009

Money, Budgets and Wrapping Paper

In Anders' folder in his backpack today his teacher sent home a packet with information on a fundraiser the school is going to be doing. I think it's to raise money for things that the budget doesn't cover--I didn't see any clear explanation in much of what I skimmed through. Our budget doesn't have room for $15 tubs of cookie dough right now. And if we could afford that, I think I'd rather just give money toward whatever project is needed, if it's something I'd support.

Pretty much anymore, the kids aren't really allowed to go out and sell things. It mostly falls in the parents lap. And if I were going to be selling things, well then, I guess we'd have a second income right now. Even if the kids were encouraged to go out and take ownership, I don't think a Kindergarten can really understand why and what they're doing.

So unless someone needs to renew a magazine subscription or is really interested in some Christmas wrapping paper or frozen garlic bread, we'll probably be sending the order form back blank. At least this year.

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