Sunday, September 13, 2009


The boys and I went to the St. Louis Park splash pad at Oak Hills Park this afternoon. It was the last day it's open this year, and the weather was nice enough for us to go and play for a while. These are great days. Fall is a wonderful season (though, we're technically not in it yet).

It also made me realize that it won't be long until we're relegated to being indoors most of the time. The boys and I enjoy being outside as much as possible--even in the winter. Fall will bring plenty of hikes and time in the park. Winter will bring sledding and playing in the snow.

Having a kids in Kindergarten in the mornings will change things as well. We have to be around when the bus arrives. So afternoons will be our main outing time. Thankfully there are the passes from the library; they really make things affordable to do.

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