Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Recipe: Cheezies

This is a really simple recipe, but my kids usually enjoy it, and it's one they can be involved in making.

Take several slices of bread (as many as will be eaten). I prefer something other than sandwich bread: rye, Italian, artisan, whole wheat, etc. More than likely your kids will eat it, even if it's a bread they don't usually eat.

Cover each slice of bread with cheese. Sliced American is easy. But Swiss or cheddar are good. Go with whatever is on hand and will complement the bread well.

Take some toppings and create a work of art: black and green olive smiley faces, red and green bell pepper stripes, pepperoni polka dots, etc. Or just leave it with the cheese only.

Place in an oven/toaster and turn on the broiler. Watch carefully. It doesn't take long for these to be done (when the cheese is melted/browned to your desire).

An easy way to get some calcium & a little protein, as well as sneaking in a few veggies.

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