Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall Back

Two reflections on Fall:

1. We actually have it here today. It was the first day in a while that we were able to go out to the park (and we weren't alone in wanting to get out today). The boys and I spent some time in the park while the Hearty Bean Chowder was cooking on the stove this afternoon. Soccer provided some good aerobic exercise that I'd been lacking lately (other than a couple frosty mornings (without rain) that I got out for a walk. Then the boys got into playing with different kids who began filtering through the park.

2. Last weekend our clocks "fell back." Can I jsut say I hate the time change in general. Two days a year our household has to get thrown way off balance. I understand the original intent of daylight savings time, but we're beyond it being an economical move. It doesn't really make sense for standard time to only last four months of the year.

Sure, an extra hour of sleep sounds good in theory, but that's a far-off dream with children around. And I know there's concern around kids getting on or off the bus in the dark, but if children in Alaska can manage entire days of darkness, I think our kids can also manage a few hours of it. If any senators are reading this, please note that I vote in favor of eliminating daylight savings time.

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