Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No More Secrets

Those days of my wife and I being able to spell things in front of the kids and be able to keep it a secret are gone. Even though they haven't started working on words in Kindergarten yet, my kindergartner can get most of the words we spell anymore. And then he'll tell his brother what we're spelling. Pretty much we're only safe if we spell huge words or sentences, but then I tend to loose what my wife is saying as she spells it out. We'll either have to learn sign language or an obscure foreign language if we want to be able to converse openly without them understanding.

This past weekend the I got a Christmas present for my wife from the boys (they were with me to pick it out). On our way to the car, where my wife was waiting, I kept reminding them to keep the present a secret until Christmas. Our preschool got to the car and started telling her what they got her. Then he got angry when I reminded him that he wasn't supposed to tell her. I guess we just can't have secrets in our household anymore (which isn't all that bad).

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