Monday, June 28, 2010


We're in our new house. The move went fairly well. We had a lot of great help. Most of our family was here, too, so we celebrated Anders birthday a few weeks early. It was good to have the cousins around as it gave the boys something to do while we were loading and unloading boxes.

The boys have done pretty well with the move, but of course, they're still adjusting a lot. It's a very different neighborhood than we've been in before, we've got a lot more space (and yard) to run around in and they don't really know anyone around us yet--all their friends are a few miles away.

My father also treated them to ice cream treats while he was here. That's trouble since they now are keenly aware what that music means when the trucks start coming down the street. And come down the street, they sure do. On one day we might see three or four different trucks and most come by twice. Thankfully, my wallet has been empty, so it's a good excuse.

We've found a couple free wading pools in nearby parks, so we're excited to have those available this summer. We've found to our local library--which is within an easy bike ride. It's also very different than our library we used to go to, providing new things to explore. It's also a completely different culture in the city. That in itself will is going to provide a lot of life lessons and teachable moments. But isn't that what parenting is about?

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