Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gutter Ball

A friend of mine bought a cheap pass to a bowling alley that he has taken us with a few times. Only Nils has gotten to bowl--Anders has been in school when we go. But it's a fun time for the hour we get (which can be a little long for a 3-year old at times).

The local bowling alley (Park Tavern & Bowl) has these nice scoring machines that you can program which players need bumpers and other things. The kids enjoy it--and it doesn't matter much how they do.

I've heard of several bowling alleys around that offer free bowling for kids in the mornings. Check it out if you haven't tried it with your kids yet.


  1. We LOVE to go to Park Tavern! When we were kids, bowling alleys were smoky, dingy yuck, but Park Tavern is so kid-friendly! We should all go sometime!

  2. I think the morning hours is when they do free bowling for kids (we've been going with a friend who got a good groupon coupon). Anders has been jealous that he hasn't gotten to bowl yet (though we're about out the door for a birthday party).

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