Wednesday, June 16, 2010

T minus 2 (Days)

In less than two days we close on our house. For the past week and a half, boxes have been gradually stacking up in our place. Household items are disappearing (into the boxes). I think the boys are reacting to it--at least Nils is. Anders is old enough that he remembers our last move fairly well. He knows that everything that goes into a box (including books and toys) will get moved to our new house and be unpacked there so they have access to them again. I don't think Nils grasps that yet. I'm not sure if Toy Story helps or hinders our cause.

Nils has been having more accidents in his undies, wakes up a little more during the night and needs more attention (which, of course, is harder to give him as we're packing in addition to all the other household chores). Plus, there's plenty of stress in our lives right now, and I know kids pick up on that.

So, we're trying to take breaks and give them both some good focused time. And we're talking him through things and helping him identify his emotions. I think we all need to do that sometimes.

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