Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good-bye Nap Time; Good-bye Sanity?

Our 2-year-old hasn't been napping this week. I'm fearing that he's at the end of his time when he will take a nap. He did get a couple naps in when we were in the car, but he hasn't slept in his bed. And being a one car family, it's not practical to do nap time while driving every day. It used to work that if I sat in his doorway and made sure that he stayed still in his bed, he would eventually fall asleep. That's not working anymore. Our 4-year-old hasn't taken naps for a while, but he's been good about playing by himself in a "quiet time."

I depend on nap time/quiet time for having a little time for myself each day. It's when I get some spiritual growth time in and call some friends. If the nap goes long enough, I can get a few household chores done as well. I'm hoping this is a short phase and we'll get back into the nap routine soon.

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