Wednesday, March 11, 2009

School Bound

We found out today where our 4-year-old will be going to school. When I grew up, open enrollment wasn't even a choice yet. We had one school in our small town which housed Kindergarten through 12th Grade. Everyone went there.

Our son has choices. We haven't even looked outside the district--which would be an option if we wanted to peruse it. We didn't pursue it--mainly because we only have one car, so trying to get him to school each day would be a hassle at best. Plus we were happy with the choices we have at hand.

Just within our school district there is a Spanish immersion school along with the regular school--both of which seem to be high quality. We got our letter from the Spanish immersion school today. Our son is number 43 on the waiting list. So that makes the decision early for us. The regular public school option is a good choice--I saw plenty of good things there at the parent's meeting last fall. It's just a half day (the Spanish immersion school is full day), which will probably be okay for him.

It's certainly going to change dynamics around the house. For one thing, our 2-year-old and I won't be able to wander far for outings because I have to be present when the bus drops the 4-year-old off after school. That's going to mean I have to be a little more coordinated with my daily schedules.

I think the 4-year-old is ready (he'll be 5 this summer). We've been working on writing, reading and counting at home. I'm a big proponent of education beginning at home--that it's not fully the school's responsibility. I think he's feeling a little scared though. He has no reason to be. Hopefully the kindergarten roundup in a couple weeks will ease any fears he has.

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