Monday, March 22, 2010


* We have a winner! Keep checking back for the next giveaway: a cookbook from Red Gold Tomatoes!

I was recently sent a large tin filled filled with products from Red Gold tomatoes. And by a large tin, I mean a large tin (see comparison picture with regular cans of tomatoes).

I love tomatoes. Of course, like any person with taste buds, I prefer home-grown, off the vine, garden tomatoes. But those aren't available year round. So, for much of the year, I'm forced to use "fake" tomatoes from the grocery store (you know the ones--they're only slightly red and have no taste) or canned tomatoes. For most recipes, canned tomatoes make sense. And if I'm going to use canned ones, I'm going to use ones with flavor. And Red Gold delivered.

The tin contained some items which I'm passing on to you, my good readers. The first is for a red Red Gold tote bag, handy for taking with for groceries or other shopping. To enter, just post a comment (make sure you're signed in with google or that you include a way for me to contact you). One post per person. Posts must be made by noon on Friday, March 26. I'll be picking a post using And stay posted. Giveaway #2 will be coming soon.


  1. cool, a tote bag....the more to carry my library books in!

  2. I probably don't really need a tote bag, but one with tomatoes on it would be new :). I only want to be entered into the contest if there are tomatoes ON the Bag ;). Cool tin!

  3. The drawing is closed & using, Julie is the winner! Julie, email me with your address at

  4. Julie--still waiting to hear where to send the tote to.