Monday, March 29, 2010

Second Vehicle

Right now the boys and I are in Iowa. My wife is on her way back home. We were able to purchase my parents old vehicle from them.

We haven't been able to afford a second car for a while. And I haven't totally wanted one, either. There are plenty more financial concerns with them: more gas, insurance, maintenance, license fees, etc. And being able to bike is more environmental, cheaper and it gives me much needed exercise.

At the same time, we live in an area where there isn't much that's accessible to me by bike: mainly a variety of parks. The boys miss out on getting to some events, museums and activites (like swim lessons) unless we can schedule them when my wife isn't missing.

So, I'm still going to try and bike as much as possible, but I'm also going to take advantage of the situation. Like this week, the boys and I are able to see my grandmothers and their cousins while Anders is having Spring Break. And there may be some extra camping trips this summer . . .

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