Thursday, March 11, 2010

How Many Bites? A Exercise in Quantity

Our 3-year old has a wonderful way of helping us get him to eat more. We make our boys have a set number of bites (matching their age) of whatever they're served. Tonight we were having taco salad. He just wanted a burrito. So I wrapped everything up in the tortilla. Then he unfurled it and just ate the tortilla. He wanted some of the chips that I had out for the salad. I told him he would have to eat most of his veggies first. After a while I asked him how many more bites he needed to eat before I could give him some chips. I suggested three. He suggested four. A deal was made. (He's suggested as much as two or three times the amount of what we're suggesting before. We always let him win in those situations.)

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