Monday, March 15, 2010

I Thought We Were Here to Learn to Swim

My 5-year old is almost finished with his first round of swimming lessons. He's doing great. I'm looking forward to being able to do a little more in the lakes around here this summer.

To get to the pool at the school where his lessons are, you first have to go through what is practically a maze (thankfully there is signage)--up stairs and back down, with several turns along the way. Then you enter the locker room (where he changes into his swim suit), through the shower room (one of those "group showers" where there are six posts with like 5 nozzles on each one--the ones we hated using in junior high) and then you walk out into the pool.

I often have my 3-year old along. Today, as we were walking through the showers to get to the pool for lessons, the 3-year old says, "That guy looks funny." Awkward.

For the record: the guy was naked. And no, I didn't look to confirm it.

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