Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hammering Along

Yesterday I had to run to a few stores to pick up some items. The first stop was Home Depot. I wasn't thinking that it was the first Saturday of the month, so the store had a special kids' project going on. We had never made it to one before. They had a little planter box for the kids to make. It was just a pre-packaged deal, but it involved gluing and hammering.

We hadn't done a project together before that involved hammering nails. I was quite impressed with their skills. We only had one bent nail out of the day. I started doing Nils' nails for him, but after the first two I let him go at it and he did great. And, with a Home Depot apron (which Nils proceeded to wear to the next couple stops) along with the planter, they really had a good time.

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  1. Emma and Timmy have enjoyed many a Home Depot project. Fun stuff!