Friday, April 29, 2011

Summer Plans

Confession: I hate talking with other parents about what my kids are going to be doing this summer.

Everyone has their kids signed up for several activities each day: baseball, swimming, day camp, sailing, soccer, theater, etc. ("Everyone" of course is an exaggeration, but I'm using it anyway).

My kids aren't signed up for anything. Except for a 2-night camp for my oldest. Part of it is most of that stuff costs a lot of money. And with it costing over $50 to fill up our car right now (and I know we're on the cheaper end of a full tank) I don't want to do a lot of driving.

Part of it is that the city doesn't offer all the programs that the suburbs do. At least I haven't seen as many.

So, we'll probably get the family pass to our local pool with the waterslides (at least if it is as good a deal as it was last year). We'll do a lot of biking (at least I'm hoping to get my oldest geared up for some fun trips). We'll hit the lakes and the wading pools. We'll go to the nature center and other parks. We'll visit some museums and the zoos with the free passes from the library (and I think the library has some programs while I'm mentioning them). We'll do a lot of picnicking. And of course, the garden will need to be weeded and tended. And maybe a few overnight campouts here and there.

And maybe we'll find something to sign the boys up for. Maybe. If it doesn't cost too much and is something of interest and near by. And if not, we'll find plenty to do. And if we don't, that's not such a bad thing either.

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