Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Mall

My wife has the morning off on Wednesdays, so we often do some sort of outing--story time at the library, play time at the rec center or shopping if needed. It was snowing this morning. First we went to the nature center, since it opens fairly early. The boys looked at the displays, played with some of the games and watched the wild turkey and other birds outside the window.

Then we went to the mall. I'm not a big mall fan, personally. It's just more commercialism than I can handle. Really, the only times I've been to the mall in the past year (other than once to the Mall of America to take the 4-year-old to the Lego Store) have been to take the boys there to play. They like the play area our local mall has. It also has this projected video game(/advertisement) on the floor. The kids step on things and the display reacts. There's probably about a dozen or so different segments and they only last a minute or so, but the kids get moving and have fun. And I have a friend who works in a store next to it, so I get some adult conversation in, too. It's helped get through the long winter.

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