Monday, April 20, 2009

A Spring Hike

My wife had a scrapbooking party this weekend with friends a couple hours away from us; I took the boys down to see family a couple more hours from there. I haven't done that much traveling with just the boys. We stopped at a state park to stretch the legs and get some air. Of course, it took much longer than I expected. We hiked back up to our car along the road (which wasn't open yet) which is crisscrossed by a river several times. It was fairly warm--both the weather and the water--for April. As we walked across the thrid ford, I pointed out an area on the road that wasn't covered by sand and told the boys that it would be slippery there. Of course, the four-year old walked over to it and slipped. So it took longer because he wasn't happy about having to hike in wet clothes (uphill all the way). But mostly, it took longer because I was hiking alone with a 2- and a 4-year old. I should probably know that by now that the hike would take longer. After all, getting out the door takes longer, eating any place takes longer, shopping take longer when you have kids with. But things are often more enjoyable with the boys around. They tend to bring their innocent wonder to things.

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