Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This past week, different forms of illness have been moving through our household. Last weekend we were down with family in Iowa. My oldest threw up on Sunday morning. We had a six hour drive home (the first 2 hours were without my wife as she was visiting some other friends at the time, whom we were supposed to spend the night with, but had to leave early). He continued to throw up a few times on the way home. We eventually figured out that he would drink water & throw up about 20 minutes later. Once we put a stop to that, he was fine.

But then colds set in for both the boys. Nothing too miserable, just constantly running noses. But the oldest one got worse. He actually took naps two days in a row. We finally figured out (right before it rained) that it was allergies. After the rain (and a little OTC allergy medicine) he's been better.

But then after church on Sunday, I started feeling sick. I tried to make myself feel better, but I eventually threw up (and felt fine afterward--if I had let myself get sick earlier, I think I would have gotten over it quicker). I hate being sick (who doesn't?). It's worse when you're the one who needs to keep taking care of others through it. And knowing that the kids would love to spend time with you, but that they really shouldn't be close to you--and you don't have a lot of energy, either. I always wish, as a father, that I could take the sickness from my kids for them. But I really hate having it, too.

Other than a few sniffles, we're pretty much back to normal right now. And we'll keep washing our hands and coughing into our elbows and doing whatever else we can to keep the next round of sickness at bay.

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