Friday, August 7, 2009


Our boys went away for a couple nights to my parents' farm. They're coming back late tonight. I know some parents can't handle that well. We're all in favor of it. This was this first time its happened in a couple years. But it sure won't be the last. It's good for the boys as well as us. Our oldest was a little worried about going without us--even though he's done it when he was younger.

It's good for us as parents, too. Yesterday was my wife's day off, so had a whole-day date (farmers market, a couple art museums, dinner with friends and a movie). We seldom get out by ourselves anymore, not having a big babysitting base, so it was good to have some time with just us as a couple. Which, in turn, is good for the boys. The better our relationship is as husband and wife, the better we parent. Plus, our marriage was our first commitment. We need to put into that first before being parents.

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