Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School's Comin'

We got our letter from our district school today saying which teacher our 5-year old will have. This is new territory for us--sending our firstborn off to school. Kindergarten around here is only half day. Our son is in the morning class. So, it's not too big of a deal. Just a couple hours. He can handle it; we can handle it (or so we're assuring ourselves at this point). We had met both of the teacher potentials--one actually subbed for the coach of his soccer team--and both are good, so at this point it was just knowing. He'll most likely be in the same class as a girl from our neighborhood he knows (her sister had the same teacher last year, so they were requesting the same one). Either way, chances are good that he'll be in class with some kid he knows from the park. And there'll be plenty of new friends.

Next week he goes in to meet his teacher and see the classroom. We're going to miss his opportunity to meet his bus driver, but that'll be okay. And so with just around a week and a half until Kindergarten starts, we're mostly ready to embark on this new journey. Parents of a Kindergartener. It's going to change dynamics at home. His younger brother will get more focused attention for one thing. And so it begins.

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