Friday, August 21, 2009

Rainy Days

My wife was off yesterday & it was a another rainy day in the Twin Cities. But I needed a change of scenery. So out we went.

First stop: The Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Our 5-year old liked it. Egyptian mummy sarcophagus, swords, armor, African masks, sculptures, paintings. He wants to go back sometime with paper and pencil and draw, too. Our 2 1/2 year old wasn't as sold on the experience. He enjoyed some of it, but 20 minutes was about his tolerance level.

So we headed over to Como Park Zoo to see the butterflies once more before they leave for the summer (my wife hadn't seen them yet, either). We caught a break in the rain; there were no lines at the zoo and plenty of parking--which is a rarity in the summer. The boys were a bit worn out from late nights and no naps (not our fault--they just won't sleep), so we only saw the butterflies and the primate house. And that was enough. Enough to make it a nice day.

Some rainy days it's nice to be in the house and watch a movie or do an art project or bake some cookies; some rainy days its nice to be out and explore.

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