Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Deena = Code for Clean Up

Since our firstborn was old enough to help pick up toys, we've sung the "Clean Up" song whenever we do it. You maybe know the one:
Clean-up, clean-up
Everybody do your share.
Clean-up, clean-up
Everybody, everywhere.
I don't know where the song comes from--perhaps some children's program that I would be chagrined to watch. But my wife sung it, and we've all been singing it ever since. Except that our firstborn used to sing, "Deena, deena" instead of "Clean-up." And so for almost five years now, we've all sung "Deena." I'm not sure if our 3-year old has ever heard the right words.

Our boys have actually moved beyond using it now. Now they say that they're "clean upping." The funny thing is that my wife and I still call it deena. "Boys, time to deena your room." "Let's deena before we do something new." I suppose each family has their own words like that--words their kids made up and everyone still uses. My wife and I even catch ourselves using it around other adults. It's probably just a phase--we'll grow out of it someday.

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