Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting Out of the House

Our first big snow storm of the season hit. And temperatures dropped. Not a good combination. I don't mind snow at all, but I don't like when it's too cold to go out and play. Thankfully, the Rec. Center in our city opens up their banquet room three days a week. For $2 a child you can come play on their inflatable bouncy castles, use their toys and--most importantly--get out of the house. I know there are several similar options around the Twin Cities. I've also heard of a church that is opening up their gymnasium a few Saturdays during the winter for kids to come and play at no cost. Hopefully, you can find something like this near you--if not, see what options their may be: a an empty school gym, a church nursery, even a friend's basement are all options for getting out of the house for a new place space. Make the most of this winter and stay sane.

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