Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Kid-Friendly Oil Change

We took my wife into work today so that we could have the car. The first item of business was an oil change. Since we don't have a decent garage to work in or all the tools I'd need (not to mention I'm not very good with cars), I take our car to where ever has a good deal on an oil change. Often that has been at the Quick Lube at my local Lupient Dealership across the road from us (I know--a dealership of all places--but they've been reliable in my experience and reasonably priced).

Today I had the boys with me when I went. I must say that it's a great place for kids if you have to wait for an oil change (my 2-year old and I have waited at other places with little to do besides sit and look at a car magazine). They have a windowed waiting room for kids, partitioned off from the regular waiting areas, with toys, books and magazines. Their waiting area has a case stocked with fresh doughnuts and cookies (my kids never get doughnuts, so it was a special treat), coffee and a soda fountain (as well as clean restrooms). My boys also like to look at the cars housed inside the building (especially the four older classics). As we were getting ready to go pay the cashier when our vehicle was done, one of the employees brought my boys paper bags filled with all sorts of little toys and trinkets. They've been playing with them ever since we got home a while ago. It's great to find a place that is affordable, reliable and family-friendly.

Let me know what you've found.

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