Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lego Stories

My son loves Legos. He can spend all day building with them (if he's not spending all day drawing). Today I came across the website of a guy who has been illustrating Bible stories with Legos. It's not necessarily intended for children, so you might want to preview it, but my kids were enjoying some of the classic stories as told on The Brick Testament. Even if the Bible isn't of your faith persuasion, the stories are fun to see in brick form.

On behalf of the author's request, I'm not using images from that site, but for your viewing pleasure, here's a statue of Jesus made from Legos:


  1. My son loves that website! I actually used my laptop and the pics from the site to tell the Christmas story on Christmas Eve this past year. It was the first year the kids actually sat still during the entire story!

    Everything around our house is Legos, but I can't decide if it has more to do with our son or with my fascination with building things with plastic bricks.

  2. I have a feeling that most of our kids' obsessions are transferred by us.