Thursday, May 27, 2010


Anders lost his tooth today. He just noticed it was loose a couple days ago. We were eating lunch and he said his tooth cracked. He came over to show me and we discovered it was wiggling. He handled it surprisingly well. Sometimes something like that would freak him out.

So today, we were picnicking at Como Park Zoo. Toward the end of the meal, Anders just announced that his tooth fell out. He didn't even have an issue when Beth mentioned it was bleeding a little bit.

So, he's in bed right now. The tooth is under his pillow. It's an odd custom--research it. In some countries a mouse or a rat takes the tooth instead of a tooth fairy. In other places the tooth is thrown on the roof. Whatever happens, loosing a tooth is kind of a rite of passage. So its important to note it--even if it's with fairy who takes it away.

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