Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It seems like stay-at-home dads are starting to make their mark on television lately. One of them is on PBS Kids' Sid the Science Kid. Well, maybe. I'm not sure if it ever is stated what his dad does for work, but he's at home all the time. Presumably watching Sid's baby brother while Sid as at school.

The more noticeable example is on NBC's new show Parenthood. I'm not a fervent enough viewer to be able to tell you the character (or actor's) name--I got the picture of him by googling "Parenthood at-home dad". His wife is a lawyer, and he's at home. He takes slack for it from others, but he also does his job very well. He fends off flirtatious house wives, works through his kids' issues with them, keeps the house running well and supports his wife. In the little I've seen, he is shown in a positive light. Which, on the whole, doesn't happen with many dads on television.

Is this a growing trend? Have you noticed others on TV?

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