Sunday, May 9, 2010

Of Watching Kids and Dreams

I feel like sometimes I get asked to watch friends' kids a lot because I'm a stay at home dad. And truly, I don't mind doing it. They're all good kids. And they tend to be around the same age as my kids, so they have someone with whom they can play. Play dates can often make taking care of kids little easier as they don't need my constant attention (though sometimes they require more attention).

Sometimes I wish someone would say, "Hey, you're with kids all the time. I bet you (and your wife) could use a break. Why don't I take them off your hands for a few hours? I'd enjoy doing that for you." While people are being generous, I also wouldn't mind it if someone said, "Hey, our family has a rustic cabin on a lake up on the North Woods (or along Lake Superior). It just sits empty a lot of the time. Would you guys enjoy using it over a weekend? We know you'd take good care of things, and we'd love to bless you with some peaceful time away. We have some kayaks you could use, and there are some wonderful hiking trails nearby."

Of course, I don't have friendships for the things I can get out of them. Well, I guess I do. I do have friendships that build me up, encourage me and keep me on the straight and narrow. But I don't look for friendships based on what others can offer me. I'm called to be a servant to others without looking for what I get in return. Indeed, I think I often forget the things I get in return. Still, a weekend in a rustic cabin would be nice . . .

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