Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hanging on to Summer

Next week my oldest will be in 1st grade. Summer is ending. Not soon enough for some, but too quickly for me. I think because we bought a house and moved in June and my wife had a 3-week intensive class in July we just didn't have the time to enjoy summer as fully. The only camping trips we took were with my parents--and my wife didn't get to go with us. No vacation for us either (usually its a camping trip if anything).

And I'm not ready for my son to start school yet because there were things I was hoping to get to do with him this summer: take him to more museums, work more on his bike riding skills, more trips to the beach.

The start of school just seemed to creep up on us. And the weeks before it have been full. In addition to the regular things, there have been all sorts of before school meetings and events. Even the weekends seem busy. Sigh...

At least I like fall.

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