Thursday, August 19, 2010

River Rats

One of the things we discovered shortly after we moved to our new neighborhood was weekly water-skiing shows on the Mississippi River. Each Thursday night at 7pm a group of well-practiced amateurs named "The River Rats" do a free show (they do take donations to help with their costs) along the river just south of Broadway.

There's usually a pretty good crowd along the banks and an announcer details the stunts going on as well as filling in with "skits" in between acts as the next set of skiers are preparing. This year's theme is "Ski-vivor," so they've had different skits going along with the reality show concept.

The boys just like watching the acts--especially the jumps and pyramids. And it's outside, so no one cares too much if they spend time rolling down the hillside or dancing with the music.

They've only got one show left (can't believe the end of summer is so near), so check them out if you get a chance. It's a fun time--and you can't beat a free family outing!

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