Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The School Bell Rings

Today was Anders' first day of school--well, first full day as he had "orientation" yesterday morning. He likes it. Which is good.

It's a new school, entirely new people for him (though there are several students he knows from church) and a new teaching method. He got into a Montessori school. It's a charter school--free for us--a block from our house. We also applied to get into a regular public school (in Minneapolis he has several school options, and we had to apply to get into them). He got into both the local public school and the charter school. We thought we'd try out the Montessori since we had the opportunity--and several people have said it would be a good fit for Anders.

So far, he's enjoying it. I'm not entirely sure how it all works yet (we'll do a classroom observation sometime later), but he likes the classroom with all the learning tools. He's making friends. He enjoyed the full day and getting to eat at school. He didn't even seem to miss riding the bus. At the end of the day, he gave it a thumbs up.

I guess it's going to be time to deal with my oldest being gone all day. It's going to bring some changes here. But change is life...

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