Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Music in the Park

One of our favorite activities in the summer (though we haven't gotten around to doing it as much this summer) is attending free concerts in the parks. We can't afford to go to many of the concerts that come to town at the event centers, but we can afford free ones! There are many around the Twin Cities. Most suburbs have a concert once a week in the summer at some venue. Minneapolis and St. Paul have several different venues. We end up going to Lake Harriet all the time since they have a concert every day of the week (we don't have to plan ahead!). There is also a playground and a swimming beach a short walk from the concert site. We often take a picnic supper, spread a blanket out on the grassy knoll that surrounds the seating area and enjoy the evening. The boys like to hear the music, plus they can run around while it's going on (they like to roll down the knoll). There is always a variety of musical styles, and we haven't been to one we didn't enjoy (not that all were great, but we still enjoyed them). Plus, my wife and I can get a pseudo-date in as the boys are pretty good about staying nearby, but occupying themselves.

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